About the Info-Mac Archive

The complete Info-Mac Archive. Please note that the Info-Mac Archive is no longer updated. Most of these resources are for Mac OS Classic and should be considered historical in nature only.
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About the Info-Mac Archive

Post by Info-Mac » October 31st, 2007, 11:04 am

What is this archive?

The Info-Mac Archive contains all files posted by the Info-Mac community between 1988 and 2005. In 2005, Info-Mac stopped accepting new submissions to the Archive, and announced it would go offline. For more current software, we suggest you try one of the following software databases:

VersionTracker Mac OS X
Download.com Mac Software

How do I open these files?

Most of the files on this site are .sit, .bin, or .hqx compressed archives. You'll need Stuffit Expander to extract the contents of these archives. This makes it easy to distribute them on the web.

How can I submit software to the archive?

Info-Mac no longer accepts new submissions to the Info-Mac Archive. Developers with existing software in the Archive can submit updates by sending an email to staff@info-mac.org.

Can I link to my own download rather than host it on Info-Mac?

No, you cannot! While your page in the Info-Mac Archive can have any number of links to your own web site, we insist that all software in the Archive be hosted on our own server.

If most software in the Archive is older, what's the point?

Info-Mac contains a rich archive (over 9,000 files worth) of software, shareware, freeware, demos, and other relevant Mac downloads that no other community can offer. For many of these files, this is the last place you can find them.

What's missing?

A small number of downloads (estimated at fewer than 50) are missing due to broken links or missing files. Also, no text files were included in the new archive, and duplicate folders were consolidated into one. Noteworthy exemptions include the text-only TidBITS archive. You can still find the Info-Mac archive in its original state by going to http://archive.info-mac.org.
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