Set Mod_Cre Dates

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Set Mod_Cre Dates

Post by Info-Mac » October 9th, 2008, 11:10 am

Download: ... es.sit.hqx

Set Mod_Cre Dates is an archive of two Frontier runtime Droplet scripts for Mac OS. The two scripts perform the useful task of allowing the developer to alter file creation dates, and file modification dates of files, folders and packages, wherein the droplet resides, in one simple task. This allows for the publication of, say, web pages, with a stamped date of publication according to user desire, independant of normal OS file management stamping.

The scripts are present as two independent droplets, simply drag a folder full of files on the droplet and events take shape within the files of that folder, stamping the Modification Date or the Creation Date, on all files contained therein according to the droplet of your choice.

These scripts require Userland Frontier 4.2 or later. If you like these scripts, and wish more information about other creations please visit or or Email me

David Christmass 2008
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